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  1. Reduction of wellness exam fee $145 to $75 (50% savings). All exams include screening forglaucoma, cataracts, and retinal concerns.
  2. Dilated exams are considered a medical procedure and not part of wellness exam.  If medical concerns of the eye present, then the individuals medical insurance may / will be utilized for the exam and required diagnostic testing. Medical and emergency care would be billed under your medical insurance. If you do not have medical insurance, you would be billed at 60% of UCR.
  3. 30% courtesy discount on all eyewear.
  4. 30% courtesy discount on contact lens professional fees. This does not include medically necessary contact lens fits.
  5. 15% courtesy discount on contact lenses based on 1 yr supply. Maximum discount $30 on (6) month supply or $60 (1) year supply. Manufacturer’s rebates may also be used ranging from $30 to $50.
  6. Special Packages for Eyeglasses SV $129 to $163, Multifocal $199 to $269 (frame and lenses)
  7. Special Eyeglass Packages for Children 18 or younger (frame and lenses)
  8. Must be employed with listed firm to utilize benefit
  9. NO premium required
  10. Benefit applies to all family members of the employee
  11. Our offices also offer Hearing –Audiology Services