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Comparison to Other Vision Plans

The HLEye Vision Plan

Hopewell-Lambertville Eye Associates has a better idea.  Offer better benefits to your staff and their families at no cost of a wasted premium. The HLEye Vision Plan is a very simple and straightforward way for your staff and their families to obtain experienced and comprehensive eye-care at a reduced rate consistent with the present vision plans available on the market, but without paying any premiums. has a better idea. 

Offer the same and better benefits to your staff without the cost of a wasted premium.


Vision Plans: Premium Based


Average of $16 to $20 per month premium per individual x 12

Premium = $192 to $240 per year


Savings on exam: $145 -$15 copay = $130

Savings on Frame= avg. $135

Total base savings = $265

Premium paid by pt = $192 to $240

Savings – Premium  =

$25 to $73


No premium = 

Automatic savings of $192 to $240


Savings on exam: $145 -$65 = $ 75

Savings on Frame 30% off = avg. $135

Total base savings = $210


Pt pays = No Premium

Savings approximately = $402 to $450


Same additional discounts on materials and contact lenses as compared to vision plans


How do traditional corporate sponsored “vision plan” work ?

First of all: Vision plans offered to your company are not "insurance". They are not regulated by the New Jersey State Department of Banking and Insurance. Vision plans are forms of "pay for a discount" program which is very costly to you and your staff.

How do traditional corporate sponsored “vision plans” work ?  When your company selects a “vision plan” for your staff, you are essentially purchasing a discount rate for a very basic eye exam and a percent discount off eyeglasses at an area provider. In so many words, you and your staff are spending a substantial amounts of money to be eligible for a discount on elevated pricing. 

Corporate or retail store based vision plan, offers a questionable discount on products that are marked up significantly. An example, CraftyLens will mark up a frame to i.e. $350 and then discount it 30% to $245 to the vision plan patient. If that same patient came into the store without the vision plan, they would have been charged $245 for the same frame. The “vision plan” patient has bought a discount on an item that really was never discounted. In essence, the cost paid by the patient using the "vision plan" is the same as the  “retail price” the store would have charged normally.

The way most vision plans are presented to the human resource director is based on the basic frame and lens options. This makes the program appear to be a highly discounted program until the additional co-pays for itemized options are determined. Once the co-pays are itemized and charged to the patient, the equivalent discount off the standard retail price is approximately 30% plus the annual premium. In so many words, the employee is paying for a discount. Why???? 

What happens with the premium your employee pays each month ? The employee or employer pays a premium, let’s say $15 to $20 per employee per month or $180 to $240 per individual per year. This purchases a very basic or routine eye exam which does not include a full ophthalmic evaluation when the patient is at risk of diabetic, hypertensive or vascular related eye disease, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or other eye health problems. The routine wellness exam is defined by “ vision plans” as a screening exam only, not comprehensive.

In reality, the “vision plan” pays the provider only a very small amount of the $180 to $240, the patient is required to pay substantial co-pays on exam and eyeglasses or contact lenses. The only person making money on the deal are the administrators at the company whom owns the vision plan.

The benefit of any vision plan program is that it faciliates the employee and their family to seek wellness – eye health care, a very important entry point into the overall health care system. HLVisionplan is simply offering your company an alternative.


FYI: Luxottica (Italy) owns Luxottica Eyewear, but also the vision plan called EyeMed and also owns LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Vision Centers, Target Vision Centers, and BJ’s Vision Centers.



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