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How The Plan Works

The HLEye Vision Plan was created to provide affordable, quality eye health – vision care services as a no cost business to business courtesy discount program for business owners.

This is an outstanding alternative to offer affordable eye health care – vision care to your staff members and their families at significantly reduced rates while receiving the same benefits similar that a commercial vision plan(s) offer.

According to a recent J.D. Power report (09-27-2013) the average employee pays close to $436 per year (or $36.33 per month) for a vision plan: Why – to receive minimal services and discounts yet still pay substantial co-pays.

The difference that HLEYEVISIONPLAN offers is simple: – No premiums and receive the same benefits.


How To Join HLEyeVisionPlan:

If you are not yet part of our Vision Plan, find out how to Join today or contact us.

Printable registration form:/user-files/HLEyeVision_Registration_Form.pdf

Make an appointment for an Eye Health Wellness Examination

Simply have the employee call for an appointment (Hopewell 609-466-0055) or Lambertville (609-397-7020) or via our website:

and identify themselves as having the HLEyeVisionPlan and their employer. Our staff will do the rest.

The HLEye Vision Plan has been created as a direct business to business eye health program to assist your company in offering quality wellness eye examines at no premium cost to your employees and no cost to your business.

This program can be used as a stand alone benefit for your staff and their families or can be used in combination with traditional medical insurance coverage.

At our Practice you and your family members, your staff and their family members will receive thorough eye care from our optometric physicians and ophthalmic surgeons. As well as your employees and their family will have access to top quality glasses and contact lenses, and if desired or needed for state of the art surgical care for LASIK, cataracts, blepharoplasty….

Vision Care for Your Company

The HLEye Vision Plan is open to any business group or organization. Whether you are the owner of a business, a community leader, a teacher or club organizer our Vision Plan is for you.

Through this innovative plan you can provide your staff or membership with access to affordable quality eye care. Your staff or members will receive a significant discount on all of their eye care needs even if they already have a vision or medical insurance. Our Vision Plan provides a fantastic health benefit to your organization.


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